Dragon Ball Super: What are the 10 most popular characters? Official results

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What are the most popular characters in Dragon Ball Super? Viz Media, editor responsible for the publication of the series in North America and Europe, has published a ranking with the 25 most popular characters; do not settle for giving prominence only to the Top-10. So, let’s get to know who is the warrior most loved by fans of the latest canonical series in the Dragon Ball universe. ¿Vegeta? ¿Goku? ¿Gohan?

These are the 10 most popular Dragon Ball Super characters in 2021

Popularity polls are a constant in the manganime world. Either from the magazines responsible for the manga or the publishers in charge of licensing the television series, the most popular works are periodically subjected to this type of polls to determine the popularity and enthusiasm that these iconic figures arouse. In this case, as you can see below, the prince of the Saiyan race is the winner: Vegeta.

The podium is concluded by two faces known to all who also have a prominent role in Dragon Ball Super, how could it be otherwise: Goku (second) and Gohan (third). Perhaps the freshest and most ingrained in the Super universe is the presence of Goku Black in fourth position, followed by Trunks del Futuro in fifth place and Beerus sixth, thus making it clear that both he and Whis (seventh) have won the hearts of the fans. The rest of the most voted characters in this Top-10 of popularity are the Android #17, Freezer Y Kuririn.

  • 1 – Vegeta
  • 2 – Goku
  • 3 – Gohan
  • 4 –Goku Black
  • 5 – Future Trunks
  • 6 – Beerus
  • 7 – Whis
  • 8 – Android #17
  • 9 – Freeza
  • 10 –Kuririn
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Rest of the most voted characters of Dragon Ball Super (from 11 to 25)

  • 11 – Granolah
  • 12 – Moro
  • 13 – Andriod #18
  • 14 – Zamas
  • 15 – Who-Who
  • 16 – Cabbe
  • 17 – Finding
  • 18 – Oracle Fish
  • 19 – Jaco
  • 20 – Future Mai
  • 21 – OG73-i
  • 22 – Macki
  • 23 – Elec
  • 24 – Gas
  • 25 – Oil

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, new movie for 2022

We remember that in 2022 we will have a new official film of Dragon Ball Super under the name of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The father of the work himself, Akira Toriyama, made the information official last May and ratified its involvement in the development. He is in charge of leading the story and production, but did not advance anything about the plot. We only know that it will be framed under the Super label and that it will be out next year. Here you can see a new teaser trailer for the film.

Source | Viz; via DBSHype


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