Dragon Ball Super: what happened to the Zucarians during chapter 74 of the manga?

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Dragon Ball Super did not end with the Tournament of Power. After the closure of this saga Toei Animation turned to the production of a new film, while Toyotaro took control of the manga, in which two sagas were developed.

Currently, the saga of Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race, is being developed. This character found the dragon balls on his planet and asked to become the most powerful fighter in the universe.

For this reason, he has managed to eliminate Goku with ease, despite the latter using Ultra Instinct. Actually, the one who fought against Kakaroto was just a Granola clone, he was saving his ki to eliminate Freeza.

Recently, Toyotaro begins to share the first sketches of chapter 74. There you can see that Vegeta comes into action but there is a problem: they will fight too close to the habitat of the Zucarians.

This is a race that suffered the destruction of their planet and bought Cereal to live. Interestingly, they must live in domes, so they use their vehicles to get as far away from the combat scene as possible.

Dragon Ball Super: what happened to the Zucarians during chapter 74 of the manga ?.  (Photo: Toyotaro)

Dragon Ball Super announces new content for Comic Con 2021

Toei Animation released the first film in the new franchise and focused on introducing the new version of Broly alongside a completely original story from the Saiyans’ past.

After this premiere, Toriyama kept secret the production of a second film that will hit the big screen before the return of the anime to television. The first trailer would be presented during the Comic Con online in 2021.

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The official Twitter profile of the franchise announced that they are preparing a special panel to present new details about the film. Recall that during 2018, images of the production were published as the snowy scene where Goku would face Broly.

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