Dragon Ball Super: Whis broke its neutrality according to new community theory

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Dragon Ball GT officially left manga canon in 2015 with the premiere of Dragon Ball Super. The manga focused from that moment on angels and gods of destruction. Akira Toriyama made this change in both the anime and manga. However, manga readers are concerned about the logic of this new species in the battle against Moro.

It happens that in episode 65 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, belonging to the saga The Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol, Moro recovers his severed hand with which he was able to copy the powers of Merus, an apprentice of Angel. Like Saganbo, Moro’s body begins to swell, because he is unable to withstand the immense power of Merus. This motivated Moro to merge with Earth to stay alive.

The detail that does not fit in this entire scene of Dragon Ball Super is the passivity of Whis, who witnesses how the immense power of an Angel was obtained by a villain after the contempt of the Angel Merus, which is a total break to order universal.

Let us remember that the Angels are responsible for the universal balance, as well as serving as assistant and adviser to the Gods of Destruction. In the past, for example, Whis was able to reverse the time when Beerus accidentally destroyed a planet while asleep.

Then, with the Earth in imminent danger due to the contempt of an Angel apprentice, Whis would have every right to intervene as it is a universal imbalance and a threat in itself, because the power of an Angel cannot be used to overwhelm planets at the whim of their bearer.

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Will Whis reverse time when Earth is finally destroyed by Moro? That the villain has the power of an Angel is no small thing, because -as Whis points out- Moro’s explosion with all that accumulated energy could end the galaxy. And that would be unnecessary for the rest of the planets that have no responsibility for what happens on Earth. We will only have to wait for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super to have a clearer idea.


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