Dragon Ball Super: who are the characters of the new movie “Super Hero”

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Dragon Ball endures in time and will continue to stretch his legacy in anime with his next film. It is one of the most popular and beloved stories by fans, even those who are not followers of the genre as a whole. “Super Hero” it will be called the new project, about which we know more after its panel in the San Diego Comic-Con. The characters that will be part have been announced!

The most loyal fans received the big news on May 9 from their own Akira Toriyama, mind behind the creation of the manga. “After the premiere of“ Dragon Ball Super: Broly ”, we will return to work on a new movie! We are going to enter uncharted territory in terms of visual aesthetics”, the author advanced.

Panel DB was carried out on July 23 with several important personalities of the franchise, as voice actors and producers of the shows. There it was revealed the first advance 30 seconds in which we only see Goku in the middle of a training session and then the title was revealed “Super Hero” with its release date for sometime in 2022. There are not many details of its plot, although the characters were revealed.

We will have Little with an appearance similar to that of Dragon Ball Z, and they also gave us a glimpse of him with his characteristic cape that he wears before fighting. Krillin It will be with a different design than we knew it, since its retinas are white instead of the color of its skin. Pan, daughter of Gohan and granddaughter of Goku, was also confirmed for the next film in the saga. See how they look!

Besides, surprised the public by announcing who appears to be the villain of this feature film, but without giving details: “Toriyama improved on familiar characters, and he’s also creating awesome new characters, so we work day and night to splice that energy.”, said the representative of Toei Animation. From what is shown, it is imagined that it will be a single character, but the image shows two, and it is believed that they may be different beings.


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