Dragon Ball Z: The best Goku cosplay!

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The cosplay It is a practice that the most fanatical followers carry out to show themselves in networks or conventions and dazzle the general public. We have seen many examples of popular characters that have been exactly imitated and that never ceases to amaze. But A’Sere Zyaire Jones, a 6-year-old boy, took all of this to a new level.

A’Sere’s mother, Drama Jones, with the intention of channeling the energies of the little one, who is a big fan of superheroes and especially of Dragon Ball Z, helped him disguise himself as his idol, Goku. The occasion? The “Crazy Wednesday” at the child’s school.

The best Dragon Ball Z cosplay

Drama is a stylist and the look of Goku it was an entertaining challenge. We all know those spiky hairs that change color when the Warrior Z takes the form of Super saiyan. The truth is that A’Sere’s hair was exactly like the hero’s. Your mom couldn’t have done a better job!

Surely A’Sere’s companions went crazy when they saw this Goku enter the classroom. They must even have asked him to perform special techniques from the mighty Warrior Z. Has he screamed Kamehameha At recess? The cosplay comes with a bit of acting …

Mom and son promised to continue this practice and surprise with new cosplays of the same quality as this imitation of Goku. Who will be the next character they will choose to fascinate their followers? They may be Naruto o Saitama. Or maybe something more western like Batman o Superman. It will surely be high quality work.


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