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Drake Bets $300,000 on Canada to Beat Argentina in Copa America Semifinals

Apparently undeterred by his track record of cursing sports teams, notable Canadian Drake has bet big on his country to score an upset win over Argentina on Tuesday.

Canada will face Argentina in a Copa América semifinal, as Jesse Marsch’s side aims to continue a stirring run through the tournament with what would easily be its biggest win yet.

The odds are stacked against the Reds, which offers an opportunity for adventurous — and rich — gamblers to make some real money off an upset.

Enter Drake, who if nothing else has proven to be adventurous in his gambling habits, and is most certainly rich.

The rap superstar has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to his country’s national team, putting up a $300,000 bet that could earn him $2.88 million if it pays off.

Drake did seem to acknowledge that the odds are stacked against him with his post on Instagram, saying: “This could get Messi.”

The Toronto native has a track record of seeing teams he supports — whether through gambling or simply jumping on the bandwagon — fall short. It’s happened so often that there is a name for it: the Drake Curse.

Drake has, however, had some more success of late. His Super Bowl bet on the Chiefs this year earned him a cool $1.2 million.
Drake holds up a Canadian flag while celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ 2019 NBA championship. Dan Hamilton, USA TODAY Sports

The rapper has also forayed into the soccer world before, betting $1 million on Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup final. Excellent bet, right? Not exactly.

The wager was for Argentina to win in regulation, meaning Drake was a loser after Messi and Co. lifted the trophy via a penalty shootout.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Drake places $300,000 bet on Canada to beat Argentina in Copa America semifinals