Dream: Face Reveal – Who’s Hiding Behind the Smiling Mask?

Faceless streaming on YouTube has become popular these days. The internet is getting used to people who love to stream but do not want to bring their identity to the public. One such popular YouTuber with a massive fandom is Dream.

Dream is looked upon as one of the most well-known Minecraft content creators and a notable faceless streamer. The man enjoys living a private life away from the hustle and bustle of social media and keeping his identity low-key. But following the massive fan base that he has created over the years, his fans have already started assuming that the star will be stepping out from behind his mask very soon.

Let’s dig into the details of Dream, and his identity, and find our answers.

Who is Dream?

If you are well-acquainted with Minecraft, you know this name.

Dream has been producing Minecraft videos for many years now. His YouTube account went live more than eight years ago, in February 2014. The YouTuber has remained faceless ever since.

Initially, Dream did not post regularly on this video streaming platform. However, he became regular with posting the videos from mid-2019. In November 2019, his video Minecraft, But Item Drops are Random and Multiplied… went viral. It is when he kickstarted his journey as a successful YouTuber. At present, he has over 29 million subscribers on YouTube and 6 million followers on Twich.

How Dream Hides his Identity?

He has been producing Minecraft videos for years. But unfortunately, not a single viewer knows what he looks like. Dream hides his identity by putting a smiling logo. This logo has now become synonymous with his name.

Has Dream Done his Face Reveal?

A few months ago, an image depicting Dream wearing a cowboy hat surfaced all over Twitter. According to sources, the Minecraft star posted the photo and deleted it within a fraction of a second, knowing that his fans would share it quickly.

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Earlier, the star has sent his fans into a frenzy with his simple hair reveals. The teaser of his picture created a buzz everywhere on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, it was soon found that Dream had catfished all his fans!

One of the viral tweets claimed that Dream had fooled the people. However, he vehemently denied the claim. As of now, nobody knows if the photo posted by him was his real identity or not. The internet still wonders.

Why does Dream Want to be Faceless in Minecraft?

In the beginning, we did not think it was a big deal that the creator of Minecraft, Markus Person (also known as Notch), decided not to give Dream a face. But then, why did the maker choose to make him faceless in such a hit game?

Notch designed Minecraft with all its players in mind. He wanted the gamers to feel like they could identify with their character and develop an emotional attachment to it. For instance, if your character had a real-life human’s face, it would be weird. Thus, instead of making Dream look like anyone or revealing his identity, Notch decided to make him look like everyone or no one in particular.

According to the creator, Dream doesn’t have a face because the player behind Dream is not Dream, but us all.

Can I Expect Dream Revealing his Identity Soon?

The fans of Dream cannot keep calm. Several things have come to light in the last few years regarding the streamer’s identity. They become excited, anxious, and then disappointed, and how!

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Some reports suggest that the YouTuber will reveal his face in 2022. These reports were all over social media at the end of 2021. However, even though half a year has passed, Dream is yet to disclose himself to the world. We still have six months remaining, and the fans are still keeping their fingers crossed. They are assuming there may be a possibility that Dream will finally present himself in the future.

But there is no way of knowing whether this growing hype or excitement will lead to unmasking or not. The only person who can answer rightfully to this question is Dream himself.

His interviews and recent social media activities seem to show his willingness of revealing more detail about himself and his personal life. He keeps teasing his fans by sharing some teasers, glimpses, and sneak peeks. The entire Minecraft world is waiting for the day and is more than ready whenever Dream decides to unmask himself.

Trivia Alert – Know these Little-known Things about your Favorite Minecraft Streamer

Want to know Dream a little more? Here’s some trivial information about the star.

Dream is a Writer

This multi-talented man is not a YouTuber alone. He is a writer too. His vocals, specifically on his recently released number, Mask, on top of his editing, gameplay, and commentary skills, make Dream a jack of all trades.

In a tweet now deleted, Dream once mentioned that he had written two books in the past. He also stated his willingness to write again soon. The tweet was followed up with another stating that he had begun planning out a book and written a few paragraphs in 2019.

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A Technoblade Fan

Dream and Technoblade have been long associated with each other. Both are equally formidable and skilled players of Minecraft. Not many people know, but Dream was a big fan of Technoblade long before their friendly rivalry sprouted.

The YouTuber stated that his first few interactions with Technoblade happened through DMs where he asked to team up on Minecraft Mondays.

You Have Already Seen Dream

No, we are not kidding. Dream’s face reveal had long happened, but the fans still await for him to reveal his identity. Technically, you had seen him when he was a child.

Dream gave all his fans a taste of his face reveal when he tweeted an uncensored photo of him as a child. The picture has him sitting on the top of an alligator. Fans could see his face in the picture. Many theories have surfaced as to what the baby face would look like in 2021.

The fans await, and so do we!

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