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‘Drew Carey Admits His Flaws to Contestant on ‘Price Is Right”

Drew Carey has always had a knack for laughter, especially when it comes to jokes about himself. This was evident on a recent episode of The Price is Right when Carey found himself at the center of a witty remark. Instead of feeling offended, Carey joined the humor with hearty laughter.

During the show, a contestant named Lillian Brown came on stage after winning her initial bid. Drew noticed she was wearing a University of Northwestern shirt, prompting him to ask if she had graduated. Lillian shared that she was a third-year PhD student. This impressed Drew, who humorously revealed he had been kicked out of college multiple times. When he asked Lillian what the opposite of a PhD in college was, she quipped, “a talk show host,” causing Drew to break into laughter.

Drew’s reaction was classic. He held onto the game stand for support as he laughed, responding, “I’m not smart enough to be a talk show host,” which added to the hilarity of the moment. It was a light-hearted exchange that showcased Drew’s ability to laugh at himself and entertained everyone watching.

Although Carey experienced academic struggles during his college years, it didn’t hinder his future success. Drew attended Kent State University, but with a GPA below one, he was expelled for poor grades. Following his college departure, he joined the Marine Corps Reserve, which marked the beginning of a transformative journey for him.

Carey’s career took a significant turn when he embraced comedy. In 1985, after a suggestion from David Letterman, Drew began his stand-up career. This move eventually led him to become a renowned television personality. He starred in The Drew Carey Show and hosted Whose Line Is It Anyway?, gaining widespread fame.

In 2007, Drew Carey stepped into the shoes of Bob Barker, becoming the new host of The Price is Right. His humor and relatability have made him a beloved figure on the show, appealing to audiences of all ages.

Drew’s challenging academic history is a testament to his resilience. Despite his struggles, his contributions to entertainment have been recognized in remarkable ways. In 2000, Cleveland State University awarded Drew an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, for his outstanding work in the entertainment industry. He even delivered the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony.

Carey’s story is one of overcoming obstacles. While he didn’t succeed in the conventional academic route, he found his calling in comedy and television. His journey from being expelled from college to receiving an honorary degree underscores his determination and talent.

These moments on The Price is Right remind us that Drew Carey is not just a host, but a figure who represents resilience and the ability to find humor in life’s challenges. His self-deprecating humor and openness about his past make him relatable to many, proving that success can come in various forms.

Drew Carey’s story is not just a tale of humor but one of transformation and inspiration. His laughter on the show, especially when directed at himself, illustrates a valuable life lesson: it’s essential to take things lightly and find joy in our journeys, regardless of our past struggles.

What do you think of Drew Carey’s recent comments and his light-hearted approach to his academic challenges? Share your thoughts below.

Source: TV Shows Ace