Drinking makes you drunk

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Lawyers and police officers may know this from their training – if they can still remember it. You get something or a lot more than something to drink, then drive funny snake lines on the simulator and stagger home. During a colorful afternoon, the test subjects should get to know what it means to be drunk, for example in order to be able to drive.

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A similar experiment was undertaken at the University of Witten / Herdecke, and so that everything had its ethical correctness, it was checked and approved by the responsible commission there. 90 volunteers characterized as “social drinkers” with an average age of 23.5 years, half female and male, were served premium lager beer on two days for a prospective randomized controlled crossover study, brewed according to a recipe from 1847 with 5% vol. as well as Edelgräfler quality white wine vintage 2015 with 11.1% vol, more precisely a Chasselas blanc / Johanniter from the Zähringer winery in Baden, Germany. The drink is ECOVIN, organic wine and EU organic certified, DE-ÖKO-039 with the AP no. 2081516.

Both drinks were served cold. The premium lager was available from Carlsberg as free beer, but the company is said not to have had any influence on the experiment or its conception except with its drink. affirm the researchers. They wanted to find out whether and how the self-assessment of the drinkers in terms of driving ability depends on the degree of acute alcohol intoxication.

All participants should report if they thought they had reached the legal driving limit of 0.5 per mille. If they could then, but that’s not part of the study. Breath alcohol content (BrAC) was first measured with an AlcoQuant 6020+ when study participants reported reaching this level, or repeated BrAC measurements 45 to 50 minutes from the first sip. The data was retained when both a BrAC measurement and a self-assessment were documented.

Result of the experiment: Social drinkers are often not aware that they exceed the legal driving limit for alcohol consumption. Self-assessment can be improved through greater awareness. And through dedicated awareness programs or social media campaigns.

In other words, not mentioned in the study: Those who drink will get drunk. Most of the time, those who start to drink do not care about anything in advance anyway and / or it becomes less important to them with every sip. It is a pity that the study does not reveal whether the following applies: “Beer on wine, let it be” – with a control group, “Wine on beer, I advise you”. The study simply states: “On the first day of the study, wine consumption was associated with a somewhat more precise self-assessment compared to beer consumption.” On the second day of the study, the type of alcoholic drink consumed had no significant influence on the participants’ self-assessment accuracy. Well then…


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