Driver causes disaster in parking lot with bad parking maneuver

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For some people, parking their vehicles can be very difficult, especially when they try to place it in a certain place. In the social networks, made viral a driver’s maneuver that almost ended in tragedy. Everything was recorded in a video and here we tell you the details.

According to the images, the driver finds a free space in a parking lot and parks his unit. However, after a few seconds he decides to distance it a little more from an adjacent vehicle.

Despite the fact that it was parked correctly, he made a feint to get the truck out and, when he tried to change position, he performed a bad maneuver: he ended up hitting another car that was parked.

After the crash, the alarms of the wrecked vehicle were activated. In addition, due to force, the car descended a ladder and traveled the adjoining path. More than one person, who was walking at the time, moved away from the vehicle to avoid being run over.

Eventually the unit crashed into a small wall and people gathered to try to find out what happened. The video was posted on social media and quickly went viral.

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