Driver performs reckless maneuvering on a truck and is detained by the police in seconds

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Sometimes no type of sanction can prevent some bad drivers from circulating on the road driving without any kind of care and making dangerous maneuvers to other drivers, and above all putting the lives of other people in check.

The front camera of a truck on a highway France recorded a reckless scene starring precisely a crazy conduit, but in a matter of seconds paid to endanger the other people who came after him.

In the images you can see how the man overtakes the truck and brakes very abruptly, almost causing a collision between the two vehicles. The driver of the truck, seeing the recklessness, begins to honk the horn without stopping, until seconds later the police appeared out of nowhere.

The agents appear on two motorcycles and upon witnessing the reckless action committed, they act immediately and force the bad driver to take the first detour, then surely stop him and be punished for his reckless action.

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