DRM: Motion Picture Association has GitHub remove “widevinedump”.

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Several repositories that allowed bypassing the Widevine DRM system on streaming sites have been deleted from GitHub. The code was published on Github by a user named “Widevinedump” at the end of December. The industry association Motion Picture Association (MPA) responded with a copyright complaint and asked GitHub to remove the repositories. They are said to be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

This takedown notice is from December 31st and has now been published on GitHub. the Specialist website TorrentFreak According to reports, the repositories in question can no longer be found on GitHub. The user Widevinedump was also deleted. It is not known whether GitHub is responsible for this or whether the user deleted his code and account himself. Torrentfreak points out that Widevinedump doesn’t necessarily have to have written the code itself. In fact, such tools are said to have been circulating in chat groups for some time.

Widevine is a DRM system owned by Google. Large streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video secure their films and series with Widevine: The DRM system ensures that the content can be viewed, but users do not have direct access to the video file. To do this, Widevine uses a content decryption module that uses Encrypted Media Extensions to exchange keys and licenses with streaming services.

According to Torrentfreak, the code from Widevinedump made it possible to rip video files directly from the streaming sites, i.e. download them to their devices. However, the Content Decryption Module (CDM) is said not to have been part of the script, which is why videos could not be downloaded in 4K resolution. According to Torrentfreak, Widevinedump offered these CDMs for sale separately.

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Hundreds of forks of the code were also published on Github after Widevinedump was released. The Motion Picture Association asked GitHub to remove these codes as well. According to TorrentFreak, the forks can no longer be found either.


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