Drone flights over a bridge in Texas banned after aerial images of thousands of migrants are disseminated in the area

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The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposed on Thursday a ban on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights over the Del Rio International Bridge, in South Texas, where it is located. week thousands of migrants accumulated. Some media have already denounced that, in this way, they are prevented from making aerial recordings to show the scale of the migratory crisis in the area.

According to a note released by the FAA this September 16, the ban on UAV flights, imposed by “special security reasons”, goes into effect this Thursday for a period of two weeks and will last until September 30.

This week, the media and local authorities shared recordings of the area, which has become a point of massive influx of migrants, most of them of Haitian origin, who are trying to flee the country hit by natural disasters and political instability. .

The mayor of the city of Del Río, Bruno Lozano, public this Thursday on his Twitter account a recording in which he reveals the scale of the current crisis.

“Good evening from Del Rio, Texas. 10.503 (at 6:45 p.m. on September 6, 2021) migrants under the bridge Del Río International. This morning we started with 8,200. President Biden, have you already been briefed on the current crisis? “, tweeted Lozano.

According to Lozano, the migrants who arrive at the bridge after crossing the river await their arrest to be taken into custody of the US Border Patrol. Also, the mayor emphasizes that the area faces a health threat, as well as a security threat, due to the increasing risk of stampedes and terrorist attacks.

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For its part, Fox News, which was making recordings airlines in the area earlier this week harshly criticized the restrictions imposed by the FAA. What they pointed from the channel, the drones were recording the area without problems for 7 months, until the recordings of this week were shared.

According to the FAA statement, which has had access Fox News, the restrictions have been introduced due to “drone interference in flights carried out by security forces.” At the same time, the FAA revealed that the media can request permission to operate in the area.

We won’t let the FAA control the news they get, “Fox News host Tucker Carlson tweeted.

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