Drug war in Mexico: 9 bodies were found hanging from a bridge and one on the floor

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The governor of the Mexican state of Zacatecas, David Monreal, relieved his Secretary of Security, Arturo López, on Friday due to the wave of violence that plagues the territory. It was a day after they showed up nine corpses hanging from a bridge.

“In the fight to recover the tranquility and peace of our state, this afternoon I took a protest from Adolfo Marín Marín as Secretary of Public Security of Zacatecas; the primary objective is to guarantee that the rule of law prevails with concrete actions, ”the governor announced through Twitter.

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A war between narco gangs

The change takes place in a complex context in Zacatecas, a state in northern Mexico that suffers a wave of violence due to disputes between organized crime groups.

Zacatecas faces a struggle between the powerful cartels of Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), So it is one of the states with the highest murder rate so far this year, with about 37 per 100,000 inhabitants. Zacatecas is located south of the so-called golden triangle that make up Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa, and to the east of Jalisco, the CJNG’s area of ​​operation with strategic access to the Pacific Ocean.

Ten bodies on a bridge in the town of Cuauhtémoc

On Thursday the authorities found ten bodies on a bridge in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, one on the floor and the other nine hanging.

“Is about male victims, whose bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for study, in order to determine the cause of death and obtain more data to aid in their prompt identification, ”the Government of Zacatecas reported in a statement at the time.

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Between last Sunday and this Friday, state authorities notified more than 30 related deaths with the narco war.

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In addition, due to the high levels of violence, several Zacatecan municipalities lack police elements after a wave of resignations and some mayors recommended to the neighbors go outside only for the essentials.

Mexico recorded the two most violent years in its history in the first two years of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with 34,682 homicides in 2019 and 34,557 in 2020.

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