Drunk Driver Swaps Seats with Pet to Evade Police in USA

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Colorado Motorist Switches Seats with Dog to Avoid DUI Arrest

In a bizarre incident, a Colorado motorist was caught switching seats with his dog to appear as if he was not the one driving while he was pulled over by an officer for speeding. The Springfield Police Department shared this unusual story on Facebook and disclosed that the driver was subsequently arrested. “The dog does not face any charges and they let him go with only a warning,” joked the police statement.

The incident occurred on Saturday, May 13, near midnight when a police officer noticed a car driving faster than the permissible limit on a Springfield highway and signaled it to stop. As the policeman approached, the driver tried to switch places with his canine companion seated in the passenger seat. However, the officer witnessed the entire process and caught the driver as he exited the passenger side of the vehicle, pretending not to have been driving.

The man appeared to be inebriated, and when asked by the officer if he had been drinking, he tried to run away but was caught within a few meters from the car, the police department said. After undergoing medical checks, he was indicted and admitted to the Baca County Jail on several charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, and resisting arrest. The driver’s friend took custody of the dog.

According to Newsbreak, a local newspaper, the driver had driven more than 90 miles from Las Animas to Pueblo and got lost in Springfield when he was detained. Police discovered several arrest warrants issued against him in Pueblo, but they did not reveal the reasons.

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This incident highlights the perils of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the consequences of attempting to deceive law enforcement authorities. It also portrays the plight of innocent animals that are sometimes caught up in their owners’ crimes. It is essential to obey traffic rules and drive responsibly to avoid endangering oneself and others.

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