Dubium is the AAA answer to Among Us with “stunning 3D graphics and mechanics”

Dubium is the AAA answer to Among Us with "stunning 3D graphics and mechanics"

Doubtful is a new video game in the purest style of Among Us although with a staging of AAA with “impressive 3D graphics and mechanics”, as claimed by its creators of Mumo Studio. It is a multiplayer court title that will come to Steam sometime in 2022, on a date yet to be specified and that can already be seen through its first trailer and images, betting on an up-to-date visual section with very neat animations and news at the gameplay level.

Doubt: un Among Us de corte AAA para PC

Thus, according to its creators via The Gamer, Dubium is a competitive multiplayer for up to five players set in a space station with serious problems and in which the astronauts who are there must cooperate to get out of such an awkward situation alive; the problem is that one of the players will be the traitor who will aim to sabotage the facilities and kill the rest of the crew without being detected by the rest.

As we can see, the proposal is the same as that of the popular Among Us, although in this case its creators intend to address the genre through a cutting-edge audiovisual section, with cartoon-style models that can be reminiscent of an animated film, with very careful animations and all kinds of visual tricks.

On the other hand, the novelties in the playable are marked by the great customization possibilities characters and the gadgets they can use during games, changing abilities as the game takes place to suit different circumstances. All this without forgetting the target to which it is directed, with options that the spectators of the games can participate in one way or another, as those responsible ensure.

At the moment Dubium does not have a specific release date, although its creators assure that it will arrive in 2022 via Steam.

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