Duki and Bizarrap: in less than a day, they reach half a million views

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None are known by their real names, they are dedicated to music, they are Argentine and they break all records on the Internet. All that they have in common Duki Y Bizarrap, and a collaboration of them is capable of reaching surprising figures. So much so, that the young artists recorded a version of Malbec to Gallery Sesion and in just seven hours since its premiere, they surpassed the half a million views.

The theme was originally composed for the album Since the end of the world, released in April this year. Duki, the greatest exponent of trap in Argentina, had indicated that he was not interested in being part of the renowned sessions of Bizarrap, the music producer who established himself as the most listened to artist in his country. However, he admitted that he valued his work and that was why he wanted it to be part of his album.

It was like this Mauro Lombardo, Duki’s real name, invited Gonzalo Conde, Bizarrap, to his latest musical project. Thus was born Malbec, their collaboration that already exceeds 27 million of reproductions in YouTube just three months after its launch.

In this way, Gallery Sesion, which only had 20 previous videos, summoned them to its cycle of live sessions recorded in Spain. On the YouTube channel, they had previously participated Thunder Y I fight SSJ. But a few talents left their mark there. It is the case of Aaron Piper, known for playing Ander on Elite, who launched himself as a singer, and his video has accumulated 1.8 million views. However, who stands out above the rest is Morad, a 22-year-old Spanish ragpicker, owner of 4.7 million views with his session.

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Three weeks ago, Duki and Bizarrap surprised fans. Next to Nicki nicole, presented an explosive collaboration. Your subject YaMeFui came in response to a very particular promise: if Argentina won the America Cup, they would make up for it with a joint song. And from the looks of it, they are men of their word.


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