Dulce María reveals that her best physical moment occurred during a depression

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The RBD affirmed that there is no use looking good if inside you feel terrible.

With the sincerity that has always characterized Dulce María, the singer confessed that in recent years she has done a hard job of acceptance and understanding after understanding that a good physique does not always mean total well-being.

During a conversation on YouTube, the singer spoke about her desire to go back to looking like she did a few years ago. However, he knows that that moment of beauty and thinness hid a deep depression.

“Not everything is physical, we all have different qualities … and that also makes you attractive and makes you beautiful …”, he pointed out.

More details, in the video above.

“Beauty is not only external. I think we have to put a lot of emphasis, especially now, at least it helped me a lot with the pandemic, right now the most important thing is to value being well on the inside, because when you are well on the inside you reflect a beauty that you cannot buy with anything, or change, you can see that from the inside … “, added the RBD.


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