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“Dulceida and Alba Paul rekindle romance with a picturesque getaway to the Dominican Republic”

Dulceida and Alba Paul are back together and stronger than ever before. The influencers made their reconciliation public this week and have headed to the Dominican Republic to spend some quality time together. After being apart for more than a year, the couple is cherishing every moment they spend together.

Aida Domenech and Alba Paul are enjoying a romantic trip to the Dominican Republic. They have been sharing their beautiful moments on their public profiles, giving their followers an insight into their retreat. The couple is taking everything in and enjoying the peacefulness of their surroundings.

Dulceida and Alba are staying in a private villa in Las Terrenas with a private pool. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner at a beach bar and watched the beautiful sunset. They confessed they were “very happy” and were looking forward to exploring beautiful beaches during their trip.

The couple’s love for each other is stronger than ever, and they are enjoying every moment spent together. Dulceida shared a video on her profile, which featured moments of their journey to the Dominican Republic, with the caption, “Hold your hand and fly away.” It’s clear that their love has been strengthened after spending time apart.

After breaking up in October 2021, Dulceida and Alba Paul have given their love another chance. “Alba and I have decided to follow our separate paths. They have been very hard, sad months, of endless conversations and the most difficult decision we have ever made,” Dulceida communicated. The news broke their millions of followers’ hearts, but now they are ecstatic to see this beautiful couple back together.

In conclusion, Dulceida and Alba Paul are making the most of their romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic. Their love has been rekindled, and the couple looks happier than ever before. Their followers are thrilled to see them back together and are eagerly waiting for more updates from their love life.

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