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Dune 2 Director Responds to ‘Horrific’ Deadpool 3 Popcorn Bucket

When the Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket was released, immediate comparisons arose with the earlier and equally peculiar Dune 2 popcorn bucket. Denis Villeneuve, the director of the movie based on Frank Herbert’s novels, commented on this new superhero-themed merchandise during an interview with Canada’s eTalk.

“They are tremendously jealous of our bucket. They are doing their best to try and bring something horrific to the world. But the Dune bucket is unmatchable. The Dune bucket was one of a kind,” Villeneuve stated.

Online reactions under the X (formerly Twitter) post largely echoed Villeneuve’s sentiments. Many commented that what made the Dune bucket “unmatchable” and “one of a kind” was likely its unintentional quirkiness. The creators probably didn’t expect their design to turn heads the way it did, nor did they anticipate it becoming a centerpiece for Saturday Night Live skits.

The Dune popcorn bucket, shaped like a sandworm, seemed an apt choice for a food receptacle given the creature’s iconic, fearsome mouth full of sharp teeth. However, the online world, always quick to react, largely found the sandworm bucket bizarre and unsettling.

In contrast, the Deadpool & Wolverine bucket, possibly influenced by this reaction, offers a simpler yet equally striking design. It features Wolverine’s head in his unmistakable yellow suit, complete with an open mouth for easy popcorn access.

Unlike the sandworm’s intricate design, the Wolverine bucket doesn’t provide a separate compartment for butter. Instead, you need to drizzle it directly onto the popcorn within Wolverine’s open mouth. This peculiar serving method further adds to the bucket’s novelty.

An amusing possibility raised by fans is adding a mechanism for pouring butter directly into Wolverine’s nostrils. This suggestion, while playful, underscores the fun and tongue-in-cheek marketing that accompanies the Deadpool and Wolverine franchise.

As the release date for Deadpool & Wolverine on July 26 approaches, there’s still time for manufacturers to consider this whimsical feature, which could potentially elevate the bucket’s status over Dune’s. This playful rivalry illustrates the creative lengths movie marketers go to in order to capture fans’ imaginations and build buzz for their releases.

Source: eTalk, Twitter