Dune Director Denis Villeneuve Reveals His Next Sci-Fi Novel Adaptation: Is There Alien Life Out There?

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In addition to the second part of Dune, now we find out that the next film from director Denis Villeneuve will take you to the sci-fi world of Rendezvous With Rama. Known in our country as Appointment with Rama.

Appointment with Rama is a 1973 science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke, and focuses on a group of explorers who intercept and explore an alien spaceship. Villeneuve has explored extraterrestrial contact in the past with his film Arrival, and probably also will bring here his large-scale vision of science fiction.

The novel won the Hugo and Nebula awards when it was released, two awards that recognize outstanding works of science fiction. On the other hand, Clarke is best known for writing the screenplay and novel for 2001: A Space Odyssey.. THR reported on the adaptation and revealed that Morgan Freeman will work with Villeneuve in the project as a producer.

There is no information on the schedule for this project, but we know that Villeneuve also has his hands full with the second part of Dune, which is scheduled for October 2023. Villeneuve said that the sequel will begin filming in July 2022, as well as that the script is currently under development.

In other featured news related to Villeneuve. we remind you that the director has also said publicly that he wants to direct a James Bond movie. This is what he has commented on the matter: “He is a character that I have been with since my childhood. I have a great affection for Bond.”. However, the director also said that he thinks it would be difficult to restart the series. after the Daniel Craig era.

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And if you like the Dune universe, maybe you don’t know what Legendary is using Kickstarter to fund Dune’s comic book adaptation, which has generated confusion in the fans. You can read more about this matter here.

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