Dune full trailer: a spectacular visual work that impresses with its cast

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Dune It is one of the most anticipated films of the year. After infinite delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the trailer of the film directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring a large number of movie stars. From Timothée Chalamet passing by zendaya until reaching Jason Momoa. The suspenseful, action-packed first trailer lasts just over 3 minutes and is, without a doubt, gripping. We tell you what the plot of the film is like and when it will be released.

Synopsis of Dune, the new film by Denis Villeneuve

The film is an adaptation of the successful novel by Frank Herbert, died in 1965. The story takes place in the middle of the Arrakis desert. There the House of Atreides, made up of Duke Leto, Lady Jessica and her son Paul Atreides will try to reach Dune with the sole objective of regaining its renown. However, this decision will have its consequences. Relationships between those closest to them will be put into play and a web of betrayals and secrets will come to light.

One of the elements that most attracts the attention of Dune It is the cast full of well-known actors. Although Villeneuve has known how to work with stars both in Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling, and in The arrival with Amy Adams, this particular film shines on its own with its cast. They participate in addition to Chalamet, Zendaya y Momoa, Oscar Isaac, Rebbeca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgård, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista y Charlotte Rampling.

Oscar Isaac is one of the protagonists (Photo: IMDb)

It has to be said that Dune it was already taken to the movies on another occasion. More precisely in 1984 and was in charge of no less than David Lynch. For this reason, the Canadian filmmaker had one more difficulty in making this new film version of Herbert. Meanwhile, it will also mean his return to the big screen after the box office failure of the sequel to Blade Runner, released in 2017.

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When Dune opens

Dune full trailer: a spectacular visual work that impresses with its cast

Zendaya’s Dune (Photo: IMDb)

Although the film began filming in March 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic a year later delayed its release in theaters more than the time that had been stipulated. Finally, it will have its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival next September 3. Meanwhile, the commercial premiere will be little more than a month later, the next October 22.

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