DUO: Harnessing the Power of Art as a Tool for Liberation

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DÚO is an upcoming film co-produced by Argentina, Spain, Chile, and France, set to premiere on Thursday, 25DÚO in 2023. The film is directed and written by Meritxell Colell Aparicio, featuring photography by Sol Lopatin, and editing by Aparicio and Ana Pfaff. The cast includes Monica Garcia, Gonzalo Cunill, Maria Del Valle Mamani, and Maria Maxima Ramo, with a duration of 107 minutes and distributed by Rodeo Distribution.

The film focuses on Mónica (Mónica García), a woman who believes that life is a collection of postcards, a sum of memories. Aparicio, the filmmaker, echoes Mónica’s idea in the film, where dance, once again, becomes a tool for expression and self-discovery. The story starts with a tour of the Andes by a couple who work and dance together. They find themselves in a fragile relationship, marked by silences, reproaches, and verbal violence that suffocates Mónica.

While Aparicio could have filmed the choreography with open shots, she chooses to use closed shots to depict the confined dynamic between the couple. This approach emphasizes Mónica’s attempt to discover her autonomy in a reality where she regrets and rejects the synergy that exists with her partner. The movement of their bodies is a manifestation of the distance and closeness between the two, culminating in Mónica’s search for herself through different realities. The film presents a poetic perspective of Mónica’s contemplation process, where she explores new territories and finds herself lost in another.

Overall, DÚO is a thought-provoking film that challenges viewers to question the meaning of life and the importance of memory. The director’s excellent decision to use closed shots adds depth and meaning to the film, making it a powerful tool for self-reflection.

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