Duolingo Working in the Music App : Learn Languages through Melodies

Two Methods to Learn Language

Currently, there are two ways to learn languages. The first one is the traditional way of signing up for an academy for official or non-official training. The second is to self-learn through the internet, and platforms like Duolingo are a prime example.

Merging Music and Education

What nobody expected was for Duolingo to launch its music app. Music is the new frontier of educational apps and is not just for children to learn. A person can continue their skill improvement process at any time, and with the help of the internet, this process is more accessible than ever. If you want to learn more about music, Duolingo may be your go-to app.

Duolingo’s Commitment to Education

Duolingo aims to be not only a reference in language learning but in other fields requiring training. Last year, the company launched a mathematical application to teach everyone from the most basic to the most complicated concepts. Now, with their new music app, they show their commitment to educating everyone that has access to an electronic device.

New Duolingo App for Music

TechCrunch reported that the company is stepping into music education with a new app. The company’s job posting revealed that it’s looking for an “expert in music education who combines theoretical knowledge of relevant research in the science of learning and practical experience in teaching.” Thus, we can expect a basic app that anyone can use to understand music, regardless of their age.

What to Expect from the New App

At present, we don’t know many details about Duolingo’s new music app. However, it’s exciting to see a language learning platform venture into different fields of education. We can expect an app that’s easy to use and features basic concepts necessary for learning music. We await further updates from Duolingo on this new app.

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