Dutch cyclist Pieters is transferred to a neuro-rehabilitation center

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Amy Pieters, the Dutch cyclist who suffered brain damage in a training accident in December, has been transferred to an intensive neurorehabilitation center in the Netherlands, her team said on Thursday.

The three-time world champion from Madison had to undergo surgery and was left in an induced coma after the accident in Alicante, Spain, and did not regain consciousness until April.

Her team, SD Worx, said the 31-year-old had been transferred to the Daan Theeuwes Centrum in Woerden.

“At the Daan Theeuwes Centrum, Amy will continue to work even harder and focus more on her recovery,” the team said.

Doctors said in April that although his condition had improved slightly and he was able to recognize people and understand what was being said to him, they were still unsure about the long-term impact of his brain injury.

Following the accident, a donation page was set up for Pieters, and the team added that the next step in his recovery would be allowing him to spend some short periods of time at home.

“A special bed, a chair and a bed lift, a wheelchair. A wheelchair van is also provided,” says a statement on its website.

“This means that Amy can be picked up and brought back on the weekend, she can sleep at home and be cared for. Thanks to these tools, Amy can really be home on the weekends.”

Pieters won the madison event at the 2019, 2020 and 2021 World Championships alongside Kirsten Wild. She missed out on an Olympic medal in Tokyo last year when she placed fourth.

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