Dwayne Johnson and celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal who don’t bathe often

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Unexpected is the new discussion that originated in the world of social networks. The kickoff was given by the actor Jake Gyllenhaal in an interview when he confessed that he bathes less and less and that he finds that action as something “little necessary“. The protagonist of Nightcrawler stated: “I find it less and less necessary to take a bath. I firmly believe in Elvis Costello and he said that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that.”

The actor is very sure of his decision and added more justifications in this regard: “I also think that there is a whole world in not bathing, which helps to maintain the skin, because we all clean ourselves naturally”, was the reflection of Gyllenhaal that surely serves as an argument when talking to a “crossover from the bathroom”.

To bathe or not to bathe? That is the question

What is unusual is that the trend expressed by Gyllenhaal has other followers like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who assured that they bathe their children “when you notice that they are dirty”. What will the bathing regime of these celebrities be like? Everything indicates that they share the same ideas as Gyllenhaal and we may well assume that they visit the shower a few times a month.

Meanwhile, the mega popular Dwayne Johnson. The former fighter confessed that he bathes very often and was against the statements of Jake Gyllenhaal and the famous ones that escape the soap and water. The Rock he is at his peak of popularity as the highest paid actor in Hollywood and his opinion is always heard. What did he say?

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“I am the opposite of the famous Do not wash. A cold shower when I get up to start the day. A hot shower after training to go to work. And an even hotter shower when I get back from work. Face wash, body wash, exfoliation and sing off key in the shower “, remarked the protagonist of Jungle Cruise.


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