Dwayne Johnson begins to profit from his rivalry with Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious: he will joke about him in his next film

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Old rivalries never die, but rather tell Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, they have not stopped “get in a cane“Since his first fights in Fast & Furious. The story goes a long way and even his co-stars in the racing saga have called the relationship”a complicated situation“.

While Vin Diesel has kept his word of “let it be“because they are”separate ends of the spectrum“, Dwayne Johnson has kept stirring the issue over and over again. Now, the actor returns to the charge taking advantage of the promotion of the film Red Alert, where he shares a cast with Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) y Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool y Free Guy). He spoke about his former co-star and his presence in the film. Yes, Vin Diesel will be “present” in Red Alert, although not in the way you expect: a joking reference will be made to him on the occasion of their differences in Fast & Furious. In other words: Johnson keeps rolling the gum to profit.

The jokes never end“, assures Johnson.”People asked me about do it [bromas sobre Vin Diesel] And they just find a way to do it, and you know, the interesting thing about these jokes with Vin Diesel is that they are very good for the public, and that is always a positive thing because this is by and for the audience. But people think that these jokes are coming from me and in reality they are not. I mean, you would be surprised how many people come to me like, ‘I have a [broma] great ‘, and I say’ I’m sure it is’. It’s always fun“, he says between laughs.

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To be fair, this time Johnson is not entirely to blame. We will have to wait for the premiere of Red Alert, which is scheduled to next November 5 in theaters and on Netflix on the 12th of the same month, to see what kind of prank they have prepared for Diesel. For his part, Vin Diesel has not made new statements or reacted to them. It remains to be seen if he will comment on the joke that awaits him.

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