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Dwayne Johnson Grants 4-Year-Old Girl’s Wish with Make-a-Wish Foundation

Dwayne Johnson recently made a heartfelt “rush wish” come true for a four-year-old girl in home hospice care.

The actor, known for voicing Maui in the Disney film Moana, shared a touching video on his Instagram page on July 1st after receiving a request from the girl’s parents. The young girl, Lily Guerrero, watches Moana endlessly, her father shared. Her one wish was to have “Dwayne Johnson sing You’re Welcome to her and have it recorded so she can listen to it repeatedly.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation prioritized this “rush wish” due to Lily’s rapidly declining health. “A ‘rush’ wish means what the implication sounds like, which is time is just not on our side when it comes to this particular wish,” Dwayne explained in his video.

“Of course, Mom and Dad have asked that I share this wish on social media to share Lily’s spirit and strength and her mana,” he continued. “And, of course, we take that energy and we send it right back to Lily.”

After sharing some details about Lily, Dwayne Johnson performed the beloved song in his unique style, just as he did when portraying the Demi-god character. Following his performance, he spoke about how much it meant to him to fulfill Lily’s wish.

“Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to make your Make-a-Wish come true, me singing You’re Welcome in a few keys I’m quite sure don’t exist,” he said. “I hope you enjoyed it. And, Lily, you’re so special.”

In his Instagram caption, Dwayne wrote, “Lily Guerrero, it’s my honor and this one is for you…. I love you, and I want you to always know just how special you are ✨.”

Throughout his career, Dwayne Johnson has been actively involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Besides granting wishes, he’s also raised tens of thousands of dollars through various campaigns, including #SmolderForGood, which garnered $20,000 in 2019.

Source: Particle News