Dwayne Johnson pushes to stay with Pirates of the Caribbean

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Dwayne Johnson presiona para quedarse con Piratas del Caribe

Dwayne Johnson pushes to stay with Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean saga may take an unexpected turn if the next film stars actor Dwayne Johnson.

The current relationship between Dwayne Johnson Y Disney is very good since they worked together in Jungle Cruise, a new adaptation of one of the classic attractions of its theme parks. Therefore, the actor wants to take advantage of the moment to star in a saga as mythical as Pirates of the Caribbean.

For now, Disney has plans for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie starring Margot Robbie. Since they will not have Jack Sparrow interpreted by Johnny DeppThis has caused many fans to believe that the series will not work without him. But if they add to Dwayne Johnson, that means attracting many viewers to the cinema. So it would not be ruled out that it had a similar success to the two films of Jumanji.

It will all depend on Jungle Cruise.

After some delays due to the pandemic, they will finally premiere Jungle Cruise on July 30, 2021. Disney wants to know the impact it will have on theaters to decide whether to add Dwayne Johnson to the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean. Since it will have a similar theme, because it will be a mix of adventures, with a lot of action and humor.

Furthermore, there is an interesting theory that states that Jungle Cruise is within the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie may not explain it very clearly, especially since they would be different time points. But they could add references leaving the door open to make a Macro Cinematographic Universe of adaptations of theme park attractions. This would make it easier to introduce Dwayne Johnson, since the adventurer of Jungle Cruise called Frank, may have had an ancestor with a similar face in the time of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hopefully soon Disney reveal his plans for the next releases, but while we wait we can see all the films of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean on Disney Plus.

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