Dwayne Johnson Shares A New Look At His Black Adam Suit: Here’s How The Rock Trains

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Filming Black Adam faces his last days or weeks of filming in Atlanta, although for his protagonist, Dwayne Johnson, this will be your last week in production; This is how he has shared it through his official Instagram account, publishing a new photo of the filming set in which we can see the actor from behind dressed in his suit of Black Adam, thus revealing part of it, both its appearance and its texture.

This is the hard training of The Rock

And it is that in recent weeks, Dwayne Johson himself has published different photographs from the filming set, some between takes and others training to maintain his imposing physique during filming. And it is that as the actor assures, his suit does not have “the typical padding of DC or Marvel” so that the actors seem more voluminous; no, him he does not need.

Along with this last photograph, the actor has shared the following message: “This image of Black Adam from behind gives you a tactile sensation of scale and size absolutely massive of our movie. You also see a bit of the intricate and beautiful detail of suit texture from Black Adam (not your typical DC or Marvel padded suit). And finally, you can see the huge and appropriate destruction. As we all know, superheroes have a code of justice and they don’t kill bad guys. But, Black Adam does. The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing. Antihero. Man in black. Protector of his people ”.

Black Adam The July 29, 2022. We leave you with some images of The Rock’s training.

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