Dwayne “The Rock ‘” Johnson Invited His Doppelganger For Tequila

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a urban myth points out that for every person, there are seven others around the world who are exactly the same in terms of physical appearance. AND Dwayne The Rock Johnson I could have met one of them. Is about Eric Fields, an American cop who is very much like the Hollywood actor. So much so that his image went viral on social networks, it reached La Roca and he himself invited him to drink. tequila. Here we tell you how it happened.

Eric Fields’ life seemed to be ordinary. He works as Morgan’s Patrol Lieutenant, in the state of Alabama, and trains his body frequently. However, one photo changed everything: posing, smiling and even dressing similar to the actor from Fast and furious gained great repercussion in the networks. And it is that users did not take long to detect the remarkable resemblance between the two men.

The amount of likes, retweets and comments got Dwayne Johnson to see the photo of his double. And even the actor himself was impressed. This is a split image that compares him to Fields and is impressive. The Rock said about it: “Oh my…! Wow. The guy on the left is so much cooler”. And I add: “Brother, stay safe. Thanks for your service”.

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But the crossing between them did not end there. Long ago, the celebrity undertook a new project that has nothing to do with acting. His name is Teremana and it is a brand of tequila focused on sustainability. At his launch, Johnson explained: “This is truly a dream come true after years of hard work. My team and I are committed to providing the highest quality tequila, because the people, the land and the heritage are what matters most.”.

Of course, the great viralization of the tweet was a good opportunity to promote your company. And the actor did not miss it. Therefore, he invited the Alabama policeman: “One day we are going to drink Teremana and I will need to hear all your stories from La Roca because I am sure you have them.”. Will this be the ideal occasion for you to meet and Fields will become your stuntman?


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