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Dylan and Carys Douglas Set to Continue Family Legacy

Dylan and Carys Douglas Set to Continue Family Legacy

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ children are stepping into the limelight. Dylan, 23, and Carys, 21, accompanied their father to the premiere of his latest film, “America’s Burning,” exuding style and readiness to contribute to their family’s famed legacy.

Dylan and Carys lent their support at the New York screening of their dad’s new project. While Douglas looked sharp in a navy suit, his children sported complementary ensembles. Carys opted for an elegant all-white outfit, comprised of a jacket, a shirt, and a skirt, her hair neatly styled in a tight bun. Dylan added a splash of color with his off-white striped suit, finishing his look with a leather belt and brown shoes.

In recent years, Dylan and Carys have become more frequent faces on red carpets. Both appear drawn to the arts, with Carys studying film and international relations at Brown University. Dylan has already graduated from the same institution with a degree in political science. He has expressed a desire to pursue acting, hoping to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Kirk Douglas and his renowned parents.

On various occasions, Catherine Zeta-Jones has talked about her children’s artistic talents. Recalling a moment from Dylan’s childhood, she said, “My son went to his first theatre lesson and he turned to his teacher and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m a good actor. It’s in my genes.'” Despite the guidance and warnings from their famous parents about the challenges of an acting career, both Carys and Dylan are eager to explore this path. Zeta-Jones shared on The Today Show, “Their passion is about acting as a craft, and they’ve done every theatre camp – my kids went off to summer camp every year, to theatre camp with the Broadway kids, and held their own very, very well, I have to say.”

The premiere of “America’s Burning” marks another step forward for the young Douglas siblings as they embrace their family’s artistic legacy. With a supportive family and a shared passion for the arts, Dylan and Carys are well on their way to making their own mark in the industry.

Source: HOLA! Spain