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Dylan Dreyer Eyes Major Move from NYC for Her Sons' Benefit — Exclusive

Dylan Dreyer Eyes Major Move from NYC for Her Sons’ Benefit — Exclusive

Dylan Dreyer enjoys an idyllic life in New York City, raising her three sons in Manhattan while balancing her busy career on the Today Show. However, the NBC star finds the idea of relocating quite tempting.

In an exclusive chat with HELLO! during her recent time in the UK, where she co-hosted the Royal Ascot coverage for NBC, she spoke about the possibility of swapping New York City for London. Dylan was particularly enthusiastic about the broader and more affordable selection of gluten-free products in UK supermarkets. This is especially helpful for her family, who adopted a gluten-free lifestyle last year following her seven-year-old son Calvin’s celiac disease diagnosis.

“I think it would be an easy transition if I ever were to go out there [to London] and my life revolves around my kids. And Calvin with having celiac disease. You know, it’s honestly all I think about,” she said. “All I have to do is feed kids all day long and it’s hard to feed him sometimes. It would be fun to experiment and try to live there and see how much easier it would be to live with kids there.”

She added, “I would love it,” noting that London felt like a quieter version of New York City. “I’m a little more introverted. I think maybe that’s why I’m drawn to London. What I also love when I go out to London is a lot of the green space and just getting to walk around and wander and people watch!”

Shopping for her family, especially Calvin, was notably easier for Dylan in the UK. During her work trip, she visited the popular British supermarket Waitrose and shared a photo of her shopping bill, showcasing her cart full of gluten-free flour and treats.

She captioned the photo, “Not sure I thought this through but the price was right!! And I found some fun foods! (And an adorable hand soap too!)”

Dylan purchased 17 items for a total of £41.30, which equates to $52.30. Discussing the stark difference in prices, she said, “I just want to say kudos to Waitrose and, you know, really so many of the grocery stores in the UK, because celiac disease here in the United States … I don’t know if it’s not taken as seriously or what, but it’s like more of a nuisance in the United States.”

She added, “It’s getting better, but to go into Waitrose and get a basic gluten-free flour that’s not made with anything expensive, the fact that I can order it on Amazon for $20, or I can buy it in Waitrose for £2, it was absolutely shocking.”

“So all I did was fill up my suitcase with mostly flour, but then just the treats are different; the biscuits, the cookies, and the bread, oh my gosh.”

The star concluded, “I spent £40 and the flip side of that is to order that exact flour on Amazon, it’s $40 just for two packs. So, I mean such a difference and I wish it was easier here in the United States. It’s very frustrating. So, part of the reason I want to bring my family over to London and the UK is just easier. It’s kind of a nuisance to have celiac disease and it wouldn’t be as much of a nuisance over there.”

Source: HELLO!