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Dylan Dreyer Shares Close Call Incident with Kids

Dylan Dreyer Shares Close Call Incident with Kids

Two days before the Fourth of July, the Dreyer family experienced their own kitchen fireworks, as captured in a video shared by Dylan Dreyer on social media.

The NBC meteorologist recounted the near-disaster, which stemmed from her desire to celebrate her son Oliver’s half-birthday. The middle child turned 4 on January 2, and to mark the halfway point between his fourth and fifth birthdays, Dreyer bought a “cool candle” that she later discovered was actually an indoor firework, best used outside.

In the Instagram video posted on July 3, the Today show co-host focused the camera on Oliver as he watched an indoor firework light up from the center of a piece of cake. The cake sat on a plate placed a safe distance from the 4-year-old on the kitchen counter. Sparks flew above the cake, captivating Oliver and his brothers.

After Dreyer, 42, finished singing “Happy Birthday” to Oliver, he asked if he should try to blow out the “candle.” His mother replied, “I think it blows itself out.”

Dreyer’s oldest son, Calvin, noted, “That is so dangerous,” a comment that made Dreyer laugh. The 7-year-old then requested his own for his next birthday. Once the firework stopped sparking, Oliver smiled as the video concluded. Dreyer also shared a photo of the firework mid-spark, showing Oliver with his hands over his ears and her youngest son, 2-year-old Rusty, watching.

The video sparked varied reactions from fans on social media. Some Instagram users criticized Dreyer for lighting the firework indoors, while others found humor in the mix-up.

“What would happen if you caught your building on fire? Common Dylan, use common sense!!!” one fan admonished.

“I was so nervous watching the candle 🫣,” confessed another fan, while someone else commented that Oliver looked “afraid to blow it out.”

Several fans echoed Calvin’s remark, “that is so dangerous,” with laughing emojis in their comments. Some admitted to making the same mistake.

“😂 I bought the same thing for my granddaughter’s cake, not realizing it was for outside,” one person laughed.

“Way to go, mommy 🤣,” joked one Instagram user, while another dubbed Dreyer the “Boy Mom of the Year!”

“Pyrotechnics mom! 🔥 😂,” another fan teased, adding, “Happy half-birthday Ollie!”

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