E-car: Daimler is planning its own drives with more intelligence for greater efficiency

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From 2024, Daimler intends to produce the electric drivetrain for upcoming EQ models based on the MMA and MB.EA platforms itself instead of purchasing it from suppliers such as ZF (for the Mercedes EQC) or Valeo Siemens eAutomotive (for the Mercedes EQS) as before.

Among other things, the company intends to further improve the efficiency in the vehicle, which is a topic that is currently being promoted with the Mercedes Vision EQXX study, which is close to series production. Daimler wants to manufacture the electric drives (eATS) at the Mercedes main plant in Stuttgart Untertürkheim, as decided in 2019 with the works council.

The manufacturer doesn’t just mean motors and gears, but also the energy storage system. Compared to the Automobile week said Daimler head of development Markus Schäfer “We want to master the entire system of electric motor, battery and power electronics as well as possible, similar to what is the case with the internal combustion engine”.

While Daimler is already cooperating with Stellantis in setting up battery production and developing solid-state cells, the Chinese battery specialist Farasis will be another partner in the future with its own factory. Farasis has been a supplier to Daimler since mid-2020.

The works council had warned that the transformation of the Untertürkheim site would not succeed without the electric drive. As early as 2017, Daimler had agreed to set up battery production there and set up a “project house” for the further development of the electric drive train. Later on, capacities that will become free will also be used in the traditional internal combustion engine production at the Berlin Marienfelde location for the production of electric drives.


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