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What is an E. F. P. Explosion? (Explosively formed penetrator )

Destruction has always been a part of the world. Every country contributes equally to both sectors. Weapons and development to maintain the balance in the country. No government wants to be less powerful regarding weapons and army sections.

 Definitely the advancement of technology has been a great bone to the weaponries section too. Different combinations of chemicals have given rise to some of the deadliest explosions. Well. When the term explosion comes, then e.f.p. It is one name that has always entered our minds. But what is this e.f.p? And what is the e.p.f? Explosion? Let us know more about it in the further article. 

What Is e.f.p.?

Suppose we say in one line then e.f.p. It is a type of improvised explosive device. E.f.p. Stands for the explosively formed penetrator. EFP is an Iranian weapon that penetrates armor, creates damage, and destroys targets. It had enormously affected US military warfare negatively. When e.f.p is fired, a defective material concave metal plate into a rod shape. The rod shape then accelerated to its target zone. They can crush the target, which is 300 miles away. The force from which it has been pushed is immense and can destroy the target in worse conditions. 

The US troop withdrawals began in 2011. Before the troops withdrew, they sued the US army for impacting them negatively. In Fact, ieds are alone responsible for killing half of the Americans and in Afghanistan too. Ieds are alone sufficient to destroy humvees and breach tank hulks. The device belonged to Iran, and they also put a hallmark on the back of it. Later, when the trial of e.f.p.s was successful Sunni militants also adapted its replica to use in the battles.

What Are The Effects Of e.f.p.?

Well, it is quite evident that a single e.f.p can do a lot of destruction. More than 70% of the American troops were either killed or injured by the efps. According to the Seattle Times reports, between the period of 2005 to 2011, efps killed 200 US troops, and more than 900 were injured.

Whenever there is an explosion or any explosive activity, the troops and their surrounding areas are badly affected due to the outbreak. There is always a mental impairment along with physical impairments at the sites of the explosion. 

While taking the funds it is not readily available for the people injured by the roadside attacks due to Iran or Afghanistan. This has also created havoc in the minds of the militants that their families will not get any funding after their death. If we see it, the situation is worse than we could imagine.

There is always a dispute within the soldier’s mind about how he can not get himself killed and also serves the right to the country.

Many of the efps attacks are funded by foreign banks or terrorist groups. They both do not have any trace or records of their physical existence. Thus it is hard to catch for the country the real culprit besides all these explosions.

Every government must take legal and strong actions to hit the walls of terrorism and foreign funding of explosive materials because the material will only be used to harm innocent people or show the power of their troops in the army. 

Explosively Formed Penetrator Lawsuit

The story behind the lawsuit against efps is because of the pressure that people were putting after losing their loved ones in the troops. Charlotte Freeman filed a lawsuit against the five banks after losing her husband to the Iranian-trained militants in Iraq.

The case was filed in November 2014 against Barclays, HSBC, and Credit Suisse, a standard chartered bank; the last one is the Royal Bank of Scotland. The charges against all banks were that they committed acts of international terrorism.

The unit has clearly stated that European-based banks handed billions of dollars to the Iranian banks. This somehow connected the Iranian financial institutions and the Islamic Revolutionary guards. Islamic revolutionary guard was the primarily Iranian organization that resulted in some deadly explosive research. It is also confirmed that the organization has trained the Shia to fight against the American troops and killed and kidnapped numerous military soldiers.

However, the lawsuit never stated the direct connection between the two but clearly shows many links between them. We can see the indirect link between the banks and the organization and their funding patterns. Further, they claimed that banks are also involved in the attacks by signing the entering agreements with the Iranian banks; there must be something to gain from them in return for the transition. 

Each bank in the lawsuit has paid massive fines because of its unjustified relationship with the Iranian banks. They were also presented in front of the large groups that handle the country’s criminal organization. The bank has agreed to pay the 3.2 billion fines in total. Later the families were given compensation under the anti-terrorism act. 

How Americans Sue European Banks?

In 1992 they passed the anti-terrorism act. The act aims to let the families directly involved with the fight against the terrain; action let the families file a lawsuit against the group funding terrorism. In the list, foreign banks were also included as the other authorities whose names are still unknown, but with time the government is trying its best to get their thanks to the people. 

The anti-terrorism act has proved that those who got injured under the efps attacks are also part of the group. They can also finalize the case against the authorities and let the other group know the power of the government and justice. 

When all the people stand together against the terrorism and act as a single unit, the lawsuit and banks have to stop the international trade with the European banal. Because they are the main funders of the deadly explosive materials. The lawsuit also helps the people to give the maximum benefits to their clients and the families who have suffered great losses. 

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