E3 2021: The new Starfield trailer could hide a nod to the Elder Scrolls 6

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E3 2021: The new Starfield trailer could hide a nod to the Elder Scrolls 6

Starfield has made the most headlines during the Xbox and Bethesda presentation at E3 2021. However, Bethesda doesn’t want fans to forget about their other great open-world RPG.

Fans have seen what appears to be a wink (easter egg) from The Elder Scrolls 6 in the new trailer, fueling speculation about its possible location. Has been in Reddit (Where else?) Where a fan has recorded something suspiciously familiar. It is much like Hammerfell y High Rock, which coincidentally is the area where it is speculated that the next location of The Elder Scrolls 6 will be set.

Is it just a coincidence? It is very possible. A little nod to speculation by a Bethesda artist? It is also possible.

It has been speculated that Hammerfell will be the next location for The Elder Scrolls 6 at least since January, when the Elder Scrolls official account posted a cryptic tweet. It didn’t take long for fans to decipher the tweet and soon concluded that it was a reference to The Elder Scrolls 6.

In the story of The Elder Scrolls, Hammerfell is home to the Redguards, a race of humans with innate agility and a high level of stamina. It is a huge region, the most notable location of which is the Alik’r desert.

Hammerfell appeared in Redguard, an adventure game published in 1998. It can also be explored in The Elder Scrolls Online. It looks like a good claim for the setting of The Elder Scrolls 6. This is something that has been said since The Elder Scrolls 6 was revealed for the first time back at E3 2018.

In any case, The Elder Scrolls 6 still seems a long way off. There will undoubtedly be a lot more speculation while we wait. In the meantime, we remind you to stay tuned for our coverage of E3 2021, as the conferences are not over yet.

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