EA and Respawn will remove Titanfall from stores and subscription services – these are all the implications

After seven years, Respawn finally is ending the commercial history of the first Titanfall. In fact, from today the game will no longer be available in the different digital stores. What’s more, will be removed from subscription-based services as of next March 1, 2022. However, any player who has already purchased Titanfall will still have access to the servers.

Despite the deletion, Respawn insisted that Titanfall is part of the company’s DNA, so confirm that their universe will continue.

Respawn announced its decision yesterday and insisted that Titanfall is a central part of the studio’s identity. This is what they said about it:

“Rest assured that Titanfall is central to Respawn’s DNA and this amazing universe will continue. Today in Titanfall 2 and in Apex Legends, and also in the future. This franchise is a north star for the caliber of experiences we will continue to create here at Respawn. “.

On the other hand, Respawn’s original multiplayer FPS has had a delicate situation in recent years due to a series of hacking attacks which made the game almost unplayable. That sparked an outcry from the fanbase who were still playing. What’s more, even Apex Legends was briefly affected by what appeared to be a retaliatory attack by unknown perpetrators.

Respawn finally fixed the Apex Legends glitches, but could only dedicate “one or two” developers to aging Titanfall, a Respawn community coordinator said in July.

For now, Respawn is focusing on Apex Legends, which is currently in its eleventh season, and which acts as one of EA’s main focal points for its next financial year. That’s it Sequel likely to Jedi: Fallen Order, since EA said that this first game marked the beginning of a new franchise.

Titanfall 3 likely won’t happen anytime soon. However, Respawn Community Coordinator Jason Garza said the studio is working on “many other games” at this time. As for Titanfall 2, although it is still plagued by DDoS attacks similar to what the original installment suffered, the game is still available and also offers a great single player campaign. Additionally, it received a frame rate increase as part of an update for Xbox Series X.

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