EA denies rumors that Madden 22’s Franchise Mode updates have been canceled

Despite rumors that surfaced on social media earlier this week, EA reiterated that Madden 22 plans to release two more updates for the “Franchise Mode” and will bring new content to Madden.

EA Sports, In a statement to MRT uttered the following words:

“We don’t like to comment on rumors or speculations, but we are committed to continuing to improve ‘Franchise Mode’ as part of our ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service. These improvements will include two Franchise updates for Madden NFL 22. More on updates in the new year. We will share more details with you.”

EA this statement, Sports Gamers OnlineHe did so following the news that Madden 22’s scheduled Franchise Mode updates had been cancelled. Excerpt from an interview with MRT’s Madden 22 executive producer, Seann Graddy, the team featured on Madden 20 and Superstar KO, a critically acclaimed arcade mode He announced that he would focus on a few important areas instead of content such as such and that the roadmap would be less crowded than in previous years.

Graddy’s description

“I would say the roadmap is probably a little less ambitious than in past years, because we’re really focused on a few key areas of Madden 22, and we’re also starting the development process of Madden 23. That’s what we’ve been saying all the time for the past few years,” Graddy told MRT. I’ll stand behind it: We’re a live service and we’ll keep updating the game, but we’re definitely not talking about a brand new mode.”

News, for some Madden fans Due to the fact that Franchise Mode is a sensitive subject got a lot of attention. After reports emerged that EA was not planning to make improvements to Franchise Mode in mid-2020, players started the #fixmadenfranchise campaign on Twitter.

Following this campaign, EA has released new rake tools and many improvements to the game, including a major overhaul of the game’s exploration system. Madden 22 also introduced an expanded script engine, in-season cutscenes, and a coaching skill tree.

Although EA Sports has not provided any additional information on the subject, we know that additional improvements are still on the way for next year. Updates may include different improvements to the Franchise Mode that were included in Madden 22’s original roadmap. Wait until 2022 for detailed details on the subject.

Kat Bailey, editor at MRT.

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