EA Play offer: get the first month for only 1 euro on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

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EA Play, Electronic Arts’ on-demand video game service, is on sale for a limited time. So much so, that new users of the service can contract the first month for only 1 euro both on consoles PlayStation What Xbox. This has been confirmed SHE through its official channels, announcing a 75% off in the subscription of the first month, staying in 0,99 euros, yes, only until next time September 30, 2021; from this moment the subscription will return to its 3,99 euros per month usual.

Subscribe 1 month to EA Play for 0.99 euros

Thus, all those console users PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Who are not currently EA Play members, can now subscribe for the first month for just 0,99 euros instead of 3.99 euros. Of course, if after the first month the subscription is maintained, the second month will already cost the usual 3.99 euros, as long as the subscription is not canceled. automatic renewal from service.

It is a unique opportunity to try FIFA 22 during 10 hours from next September 22, an exclusive subscriber benefit of the Electronic Arts service. In this way, all those who want to try the new installment of today’s most popular soccer simulator will be able to do so in the most economical way possible, before deciding whether or not to buy the full version.

The same happens with NHL 22, the new installment of the ice hockey game, which can be tried from the October 7, only for EA Play members. As we already know, EA Play presents a wide catalog of Electronic Arts video games with franchises as powerful as FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Star Wars, Mass Effect and many more.

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