EA puts more emphasis on games it serves live as game sales drop

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According to the company’s latest financial report, EA will continue to give more importance to the games it serves live, as game sales decreased by 19% compared to the previous year. EA announced that it generated $1.55 billion in revenue in the first quarter of the fiscal year. This is 6.3% more than last year. But EA’s net income fell to $204 million. Last year, that number was $365 million.

Despite the decline in game sales, EA’s live services make up for this loss by 13%.

EA sees the source of its growth in the live services of FIFA Ultimate Team, Apex Legends and its popular mobile games. EA stated that more than 31 million people have played FIFA 21 on PC since its release. Meanwhile, the audience for FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode matches has grown by 48% compared to last year.

It was stated that Apex Legends also broke a new record with season 9. The game has an average of 13 million active players per week.

It’s easy to see why EA cares about games that focus on live services like FIFA and Apex Legends. Publisher within 5 years its sports games audience to 500 million players aims to remove. That’s double EA Sports’ current audience of 230 million.

As the live gaming industry continues to grow and companies like Ubisoft are moving towards it, EA is also working on single player games. While BioWare is developing its new Dragon Age project, EA recently announced a Dead Space remake.

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