EA Sports works on "some basketball projects in the new generation"

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The future of EA Sports is to return to basketball. From Electronic Arts they affirm that they work in “Some new generation HD basketball projects” Developing. With the term HD (high definition) they refer to concepts dedicated in console and PC; on mobile the plans are still in the air.

This has been assured by Daryl Holt, general manager of EA Sports in an interview with the Axios portal. The executive ensures that they currently have an agreement with the NBA “Around mobiles”. The publisher is in talks with the league to point out “what we want to do in the HD environment.”

The situation does not take us by surprise, In 2019 we knew the cancellation of NBA Live 20 to create “something fresh “ for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S generation systems. “We are taking the time to make things right for our players. We promise to keep you up to date with any news ”, they commented. “We have our sights set on creating something fresh for the next generation.”

How is the latest NBA Live published?

It was 2018 when we received NBA Live 19, the latest installment of the franchise to date. In our analysis, where it obtained a rating of 7.5 out of 10, We said that the impression it left us was that the jump had not been so great compared to its predecessor. “We are talking about a continuous proposal on the field, where the virtues are maintained, but unfortunately also the defects, with an AI that continues to leave situations incomprehensible.”

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Of course, it was noticeable the upline: “However, regarding the control of the players we continue to see good signs, and although there is still room for improvement, it is a field where work is being done in a remarkable way.” The findings made it clear what kind of experience he was targeting. “NBA Live 19 is once again a video game that players who want to get into virtual basketball can take into account, and one step at a time, we hope it can face the competition again.”

Source: Axios


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