Each of Pedrito Bravo’s loves in “Back to the neighborhood”

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Night to night, “Back to the neighborhood”Continues to captivate the audience, who do not miss any of the chapters of this successful América Televisión series that tells the experiences of the residents of the San José neighborhood. Although the plot has focused on almost all the characters, both adults and minors, there is one who has won the affection of the public for his sympathy and that “I don’t know what” that the Bravos have, we refer to Pedrito, the youngest son of Pichón.

This character is played by the actor Samuel Sunderland, who appeared since the first season and currently continues to talk about in the program, especially due to the great confusion generated by the confession of love from his best friend Alicia; and he never imagined that the girl felt something so special for him, despite the fact that he has a relationship with the “girl of his dreams.”

As a result of the dilemma in which he finds himself because he does not know what he feels exactly, we recount each of the loves of this young man throughout the series, which premiered in May 2017.

The romance of All and Pedrito was born in the midst of innocence of both adolescents, who were studying at school. She became the first love of Pichón’s son, who was encouraged to take her home to formally introduce her as his partner.

When both began their relationship, it affected Lily a lot, who saw them kissing each other and the moment she wanted to hide from them, she fell and was seen by the minors.

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They showed off in the park, where all the inhabitants of the San José neighborhood looked at them, despite this they did not hesitate to enjoy the awakening of this innocent feeling.

The role of Toribia Torres Tapia, better known as ‘Toti’, is played by actress Alexia Barnechea, who appeared from the second installment.

Pedrito’s relationship with Lily was one of the most tender in “Back in the neighborhood”, since they started their romance in the middle of the innocence of two teenagers who were beginning to live.

The boys’ love was seen favorably by both families and especially by ‘Pichón’ Bravo and Anita Salas, the parents of the children.

The tender kisses and the illusion of these characters captivated the viewers, who were captivated.

The character of Lily Guerra Salas is played by Merly Moreno, who has participated in the series since the first season.

Although Ninfa and Pedrito Bravo never formally had an affair, they came to look like lovers once.

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