Early drafts of Loki included scenes showing Mobius’s backstory.

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The director of Marvel’s LokiKate Herron has revealed that some of the early drafts of the show featured glimpses of Agent Mobius’ past life.

Talking on the Phase Zero podcast on ComicBook.com, Herron, who directed all six episodes of Loki’s first season, offered a new insight into the program development process, and revealed some of the plans that were initially on the table. He explained that early drafts of the script featured scenes that would have shown the previous life of the character played by Owen Wilson.

“There were some drafts of the script where you saw a family or a life [refiriéndose a Morbius], but we all decided that we still don’t know what that was exactly. “, He said. “I think that’s exciting, right? Because it gives us a bigger path to travel with. And I think it is more painful when they are going to remove it. He would say, ‘What if I had a family?’ Because, maybe he did or maybe he didn’t. “.

Herron further explained the decision to write the character’s backstory outside of the script, saying it helped increase tension for those who worked at TVA. She said the threads of history have been left “open for future exploration”, even if does not know “where will the writers take their character”, as he will not be returning for Marvel’s Loki Season 2.

This is not the only scene that did not make it to the screen either. The documentary Marvel’s Assembled: The Making of Loki revealed that the show’s scriptwriters scrapped a montage that would have led the God of Deception, played by Tom Hiddleston, to commit a “crazy mischief”, traveling to different time periods, collecting Infinity Stones and having a lot of sex.

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Parts of these scenes they could still be explored one way or another in season two of the show, which was already announced after a mid-credits scene at the end of Season 1 confirms the renewal of the MCU series for Disney +, opening up a whole universe of exciting possibilities.

It is the first of the series for Marvel’s Disney + to officially announce a second season., and Scarlet Witch and Vision are unlikely to return. For its part, Falcon and the Winter Soldier if it could have continuity as commented by Marvel.

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