Easter eggs and references in the first episode of Peacemaker

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DC Comics

Peacemaker arrived at HBO Max and the DC Extended Universe receives a facelift that continues with what was started in The Suicide Squad.

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Seeing the contents that he had to present in the DC Extended Universe you may wonder:James Gunn came to revolutionize the brand? The answer is an absolute yes. the tone of The Suicide Squad y Peacemaker it goes in a totally opposite direction from the darkness posed in the SnyderVerse. The satirical humor posed by the filmmaker in charge of these new DCEU entries added to the extreme graphic violence is a unique combo.

Better or worse? Different. Some will prefer this new class of content in DC. Peacemaker came to HBO Max to revolutionize the brand. His first episode “A Whole New Twist”looks like a direct continuation of The Suicide Squad and he is not lacking in references that connect him to the rest of the DCEU characters. First reference: Aquaman. Speaking with Jamil, the antihero points out that it’s okay to have sex with women or men, but with fish? Arthur Curry will not be happy…

James Gunn revolutionized the DCEU

Leota and his girlfriend are at his house and she says that she imagined living as James Bond, more precisely as Octopussy, drinking champagne in the bathtub. Immediately afterwards, there is a bawdy joke that marks the pace of this show: he is not afraid of excesses. In fact, everything seems excessive, in the look of James Gunn. The violence, the jokes, the sex.

Peacemaker He leaves the hospital and is recruited by a special ops team with one goal: Project Butterfly. Chris mentions that the last time the Starfish project was fighting a giant starfish. Now will it be his turn to face Mothra, the monster of Godzilla? Will they give him a jetpack, at least?

So, the antihero who fights for peace decides to go to his father’s, played by the historical Robert Patrick. Along the way, a neighbor asks him if he really considers himself a hero and points out that Batman he is a true vigilante. “Damn wrinkled old man”, disputes them Peacemaker angry about the comparison.

talking to his father, Peacemaker remember to Bloodsport, “a big tough guy” that “I was afraid of rats”. Chris points out that Ratcatcher he controlled those animals and that was very scary to his former teammate who had been tortured in the past with rats. Auggie Smith bursts out laughing and says “I hope that wasn’t the guy who shot you”. ¡Peacemaker is constantly mistreated by his dad!

A surprise? Amanda WallerViola Davis appears at the end of the episode to talk to Leota and apparently tells her that he only trusts her within the new special operations group in charge of the Butterfly Project. Waller’s confidence is based on a surprising fact:Leota is his daughter!

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