Eastward, the new RPG from Chucklefish, announces date and trailer on Switch and PC

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Eastward has been the main protagonist of the Indie World of this August 11, dedicated to the next independent games for Nintendo Switch. The long-awaited new project published by Chucklefish (Stardew Valley, Wargroove, Starbound…) and developed by Pixpil will land on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this 16 of September. Have new trailer and we have large doses of new information for the call to be one of the great indie games of 2021.

What is Eastward: adventure, RPG, combat, narrative, character development …

Welcome to post-apocalyptic world by Eastward, which will mix RPG and action with elements of puzzle solving and dungeon exploration. That is what the game will offer in broad strokes, from which a clear inspiration comes from the unforgettable works of Shigesato Itoi on Nintendo, the Mother saga (Earthbound).

We are in a society of the future, the underground society of Potcrock Isle; a near future on the verge of succumbing. The aesthetics, with a very particular artistic direction, will be spiced up by an electronic soundtrack that will seek to feel immersed in this universe. A diligent miner named John he will discover a girl named Sam in a secret underground facility. For different reasons, the couple will embark on a journey in search of the truth, but what truth?

This is how we will begin to know cities of all kinds, we will explore dungeons, we will have to deal with characters that are not at all pleasant and we will end up wandering through dark forests, camps, puzzles and dungeons with all kinds of dangers.

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Pixpil wants John and Sam to be the protagonists, both; that will have a direct effect on gameplay, as some hidden paths will only be resolved by being separated in the process. On the other hand, the touch role-playing will complement food management and the manufacture of dishes. With the ingredients that we gather, we can create health bonuses, strength increases and various benefits for the combats, which are in real time. Narrative will play a key role in Eastward.

Eastward can now be pre-purchased on Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game is priced at € 24.99 (currently € 22.49 as part of a promotion). It will be available in English, French and Chinese.

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