Easy Steps to Repair a Sunken Sofa

If you value having a beautiful living room and always ready to receive visitors, then you should pay attention that your furniture is always in shape and comfortable. What to do if it is sunken? At MAG we give you some practical solutions to give them a second life and to keep them that way for a long time.

How to repair a sunken piece of furniture?

Whether our sofas are made of foam, elastic straps, silicone fiber, viscoelastic or feather, there is always a solution to restore their shape if they are sunken. Naturally, cushions are the first to give in, even more so than attached ‘headrests’ or dedicated ‘arm rest’ frames. Mostly, manufacturers of these cushioning materials adhere to a foam density between 25 and 30 kg/m³, so they can support bodies above that weight quite well for long hours.

You should make sure that this foam is not too thin: this way the cushions will not become loose or give way with constant use. Try to check the elastic straps of the sofa: check if they are loose, loose or broken. You can buy spare parts at any upholstery, hardware or DIY store. To change the straps you just have to remove the protective fabric from the sofa and separate the elastics that are used by the new ones. Try to hold them very well.

Certain tricks can restore shape and comfort to your sofa, whether it’s made of fiber, foam or feathers (Photo: @Freepick)

Springs can also be outdated – you can buy others at the hardware store. You should always pay attention to the diameter and length of it. The wooden structure may also have given way. Here you can place a table under the seats to give stability. Try to sit well: this step is important, because you should not throw yourself on the furniture or sofa, no matter how tired you are. Do it gently and maintain a correct position. Avoiding sitting in the same area also helps. Try to put the cushions in their spaces and fit them every time you can so that their foam is well distributed throughout its shape.

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