eBay already lets you pay with Apple Pay but using Safari

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Apple is one of those multidisciplinary companies that provide its users with different services. Not only do they have a great offer in hardware, they also have services of all kinds in both entertainment and security. And one that falls within the latter group is Apple Pay, one of the favorite payment methods for fans of the bitten apple. They will be the ones who are most happy to know that they can shop on eBay with the security of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay finally on eBay

Shopping on the Internet has been more than a must in the last year. The presence of COVID 19 has prevented many from leaving their homes for fear of contracting the disease, and in the end their computer or smartphone has become both the showcase and the shopping cart. However, having a sales platform is not enough, payment methods are needed that give consumers confidence to finalize the transaction.

And this is where Apple comes in with one of its services. Many already know the benefits of Apple Pay, which manages your data so that you can pay from your mobile or with the assurance that your account is safe in each purchase you make. Now, this ‘symbol of trust’ finally reaches one of the best-known shopping platforms, and is that eBay finally lets you pay with Apple Pay.

At the bottom of the screen, next to all the available payment methods, you will now see the icon of the moridda apple that, as we told you, is already part of the group of services that allow you to send your money to the seller in exchange for the item that you have in the shopping app basket.

But … you have to use Safari

Yes, this all sounds great, but it seems that the bitten apple has kept an ace up its sleeve for you to pay with Apple Pay on eBay. And it is that, according to what counts ReviewGeek, you will only have this feature active as long as you buy from Safari. This is a process that many will find very familiar, and that is that ebay did allow you to pay with this payment gateway since 2018. Of course, if you used the dedicated iOS and iPadOS applications. Otherwise it was impossible, since from the browser, not even the signature itself, you could get it.


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