Ecological Transition creates a plan of anti-fraud measures in European aid

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The Ministry for the Ecological Transition has drawn up a plan of anti-fraud measures to monitor and ensure that there is no misuse or fraud in projects financed by European funds.

Any entity – decision-maker or executor – involved in the implementation of the measures of the Recovery Plan with European funds must have an anti-fraud plan enabling it to ensure that the aid has been used as planned, in particular as regards the prevention, detection and correction of fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest.

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition has prepared this plan, which aims to define the main actions to be taken to avoid misuse or fraud in the financial resources of the Recovery Plan, according to the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The aim is to prevent, detect and establish corrective measures so that financial resources from the European Union are not wasted and fulfil the purposes for which they are allocated.

The aforementioned plan is configured as a living and flexible planning instrument, which allows its modification through new instructions, regulations or guides for the preparation of these plans, as well as maintaining a continuous review of each of the measures planned in the fight against fraud.


The implementation of the plan foresees the creation of an Anti-Fraud Measures Unit that promotes and coordinates the prevention, detection, correction and prosecution measures planned, where the different responsible units are integrated, including the Secretary of State for Energy, the Environment, the General Secretariat for the Demographic Challenge or the IDAE.

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The unit will meet quarterly and its operation will not entail an increase in public spending since it will be attended with the personal and material resources of the department.

Among the functions of this unit is to propose the creation of a system of controls; identify problems and propose corrective measures; receive and prepare information on payment requests and reports on progress in implementation or request information regarding the complaints mailbox, studying and evaluating them.

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