Ecuador updates the death toll related to the coronavirus and adds 8,786 more deaths to the official record

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Ecuador actualiza la cifra de fallecidos relacionados con el coronavirus y suma 8.786 muertes más al registro oficial

The number of deaths related to the coronavirus in Ecuador went from 21,958 last Monday to 30,744 on Tuesday, an increase of 40% or 8,786 more deaths, after the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) made a change in the network’s registry of public and private hospitals.

“The detail of deaths in establishments of the MSP, Complementary Private Network, Comprehensive Public Health Network, homes, among others, was modified,” the institution explained in a statement.

He added that, in addition, “the cases of deceased who are outside the system and the investigation of cases carried out by the MSP have been considered.”

In the breakdown, the MSP details that of the 30,744 deaths registered in the country associated with the pandemic, 23,793 occurred in 2020 and the remaining 6,951 so far in 2021.

In addition, the institution also clarifies that of the reported deaths, 21,402 – on Monday there were 16,237 – are “confirmed” that they are due to coronavirus and 9,342 are “probable” cases.

In this South American country, meanwhile, 477,946 positive cases of coronavirus have been confirmed as of Tuesday, 1,634 more than the previous day.

The update of deceased is known while the country faces the presence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus. On Monday, the Minister of Public Health, Ximena Garzón, reported that the number of cases with this strain in the country rose to 40 and they were detected in four provinces: El Oro, Guayas, Pichincha and Azuay; and so far seven deaths have been registered.

“We have more than 200 people in (epidemiological) fences to prevent these outbreaks from spreading in other regions of the country,” said the minister.

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